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The rarest gemstones you’ve never heard of

Since ancient times men have coveted the mineral riches of the earth. Iron, tin, copper, silver and gold have been valued since antiquity, alongside the various gems with which they share the dark rock.   The Ancient Greeks were the first to classify gems into two broad categories – precious and semi-precious stones. The original […]

Gemstone spotlight: Alexandrite

Name: Alexandrite Moh Hardness Scale: 8.5 Specific Gravity: 3.7 Refractive Index: 1.76 Colour: Blue-green in daylight; pink-red in incandescent light     Alexandrite is precious gemstone with peculiar properties and a peculiar past. This gemstone exhibits a colour change effect, appearing green to blue in bright light, while in more moderate light it shifts to […]

Gemstone spotlight: Demantoid garnet

Name: Demantoid Garnet Moh Hardness Scale: 7.5 Specific Gravity: 3.84 Refractive Index: 1.9 Colour(s): Green   The garnets are a family of gemstones, and to the uninformed are regarded as a collective of less precious stones. However, there exist within this group certain types which command a high price, and none is more valued than […]

Gemstone spotlight: Topaz

Topaz gemstones are beautiful stones that have been valued since antiquity.

Gemstone spotlight: Moonstone

Moonstones are beautiful stones with a unique lustre.


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