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If you love it, buy it

When you’re trying to work out if an antique or collectible has value, there are certain things to look for. With a major purchase, it may be worth seeking expert advice before you commit, but there are also certain general guidelines to follow. 

African traditional beadwork

African beadwork

Vintage and contemporary African beadwork is sought after-worldwide

Tips for collecting die cast cars

die cast cars collection

You should be aware that a die cast collector never completes his or her collection. Keep on browsing bidorbuy for new pieces!

How to ship collectible stamps

We must admit that the task of having to familiarise yourself with the right shipping process can be daunting when shipping stamps, especially  collectable ones, because they can be very valuable. Bearing in mind the value of your rare find, you are likely to be extra cautious in ensuring that your package arrives at the […]

Bottle openers and corkscrews for collectors

Collecting bottle openers and corkscrews has a lot going for it. It is an engrossing hobby; the exhibits can fit into a shoebox; and it can be enjoyed on a shoe-string budget.   The truth is that most people start collecting openers because they are as a rule so cheap.   Of course, as you […]

Are your treasures covered?


Insurance is a continuous expense that collectors do not always budget for.

The whiz of the collectibles

Seller: geewhizz Name: Pamela Quinton The pleasure of dealing in rare treasures and the financial reward make the bidorbuy online trading platform a perfect selling venue for Pamela Quinton I have had a fascination for old, rare and beautiful objects since a very young age.  I was in my thirties and a stay-at-home mom with […]