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Mandela coins – an investment fueled by a legacy

Explore what makes R5 Mandela coins worth far more than their five rand face value and where you can buy and sell these for the highest cash prices today.

The edge of a coin

R5 coin

Have you ever noticed that many coins have engravings around their edge, usually in the shape of miniature vertical lines? These edges are usually referred to as reeded or milled in the United Kingdom, and ridged or grooved in the United States of America. Early coins had smooth edges. As they were made of precious […]

Grading notes in South Africa

It’s finally here!   We are all aware of the note grading companies overseas. The problem with overseas grading is the cost due to the rand/dollar rate, the time it takes to send out and receive and of course, the shipping costs. All in all it would be easier if we could do it here. […]

Spade, lion, turtle

map Mediterranean region

And the first coin ever minted was… read on to find out!

How to buy rare coins online

You know that bidorbuy is a real treasure-trove for rare, collectible and investment coins, notably ZAR coins, Mandela coins, Union coins, etc. You also probably know how to search bidorbuy for the listings of the coins you are interested in and how to track these listings with the Watchlist feature.   Once you find on […]

Massive R1 Coins by Mail sale!

Coins By Mail  are having the sale of the decade with thousands of items marked down to a R1 starting bid! This exciting sale began earlier this week; and the best news is that Coins By Mail will be marking down a whole range of items for the next 2 months!   Coins By Mail currently […]

The 2013 Johannesburg Coin Show

Join the South African Mint at the one-day Johannesburg Coin Show, to be held at the Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton on Sunday 14 July 2013 from 10AM to 4PM.   This is the biggest annual gathering of South African numismatist.  A variety of rare and collectable coins, medals and notes will be on display and […]

The Coins and Notes New Buyers Competition

Proudly sponsored by Randcoin If you have never purchased a coin or note on bidorbuy, but have always wanted to give it a go, this is the perfect time to do it. Coins and notes are a gift that keeps on giving. Experience the thrill of purchasing a coin or note on bidorbuy between 15 […]

There are coins, and then there are coins

As you may imagine, we at bidorbuy are thrilled to have South African Mint auction what are undoubtedly two absolute jewels for any coin collector’s collection. The auctions open today at noon and feature: The SARB 90th Anniversary Sterling Silver Set, consisting of a proof R5 circulation coin and a £100 29 gram sterling silver […]

What is in a pocketful of coins?

Well, a pocketful of coins can be just that, a pocketful of annoyingly jingling coins. On the other hand, a pocketful of coins can signify a fortune, providing certain conditions are met Scrape the bottom of your handbags, ladies. Turn out your pockets, gentlemen. Did the search unearth any loose coins? If yes, select eleven […]