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The collectors’ corner

There is something deeply rewarding about finding a real treasure; an item that holds both history and value. An heirloom that you can not only own, but also pass down to family and friends. Antiques and collectibles can make a wonderful hobby, and their rarity makes each find so much more exciting.

Antique scientific instruments

vintage globe

If you appreciate the beauty of an old globe or a microscope, visit the bidorbuy antique scientific instruments section.

Royal Doulton porcelain

Royal Doulton Porcelain

The secret of porcelain was closely guarded by the Chinese for generations. The method of its manufacture was highly coveted by Europe and when the Europeans finally learned the arcana of porcelain in the 18th century, a thriving industry immediately came into being. Within a century, the prime producers of porcelain were household names in […]

Dreaming of Africana

africana artefacts

Some may miss the hunt and driving hundreds of kilometres to visit crafts markets and small stores. However, most of us will welcome the opportunity to find antique, vintage, traditional or derived South African and African artefacts on bidorbuy.   In the Antiques & Collectables – Africana section, you will find tribal arts and crafts […]

Clocks to collect and enjoy

Why would anyone want to collect clocks, you might wonder. So did I, until I got immersed into the clocks section of the bidorbuy Antiques and Collectables category. The experience was so delightful that I have to share it with you.   Simply said, a clock can be a thing of beauty. Just look at […]