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Know your antiques: Louis who?

antique furniture

When browsing the bidorbuy antique furniture section, you are likely to come across one or more of the famous four Louis: XIII, XIV, XV or XVI. Who are all these Louis, and why is the antique furniture bearing their names still sought after, centuries after they lived? Well, all of them were at the throne […]

How to find good antique furniture

Shopping around for furniture is not an easy thing to do; fun maybe, but not easy. Now imagine how difficult it is to shop for antique furniture.   Remember, for something to qualify as an antique is has to be atleast a century old. Finding a good piece with a 100 years plus on it, […]

Antique or vintage?

The terms antique and vintage are often used out of their original context. Understanding the difference between the two is important whether you are selling or buying.   Formally, the term antique refers to an item that is at least a century old. Although furniture and jewellery pieces are not considered antiques until they are 100 […]