Antique teaware: Japan

The Japanese inherited tea from the empire of China: A country where the art of tea was already ages old – a gentle pleasure that ran back to antiquity. It is perhaps fitting that tea arrived in Japan in 805, the same century that saw the writing of the Cha Ching (The Classic of Tea) […]

Antique teaware: China

Qingbai porcelain tea bowl

“A cup of tea is a cup of peace.” Soshitsu Sen XV Tea is for some a repast and for others a religion. It entered history as a medicinal brew during the Han dynasty of China (206 BC–220 AD), although folk tales mention tea being drunk during the long years of the ancient Shang dynasty […]

Definitive and commemorative stamps


Know your stamps: definitive vs. commemorative.

Picture postcards

picture postcards

Deltiology, the study and collecting of picture postcards, is thought to be third largest collecting hobby in the world.

The R5 Griqua Town coin

2015 Griqua Town coin

Griqua Town coin is the fourth in the series of commemorative circulation bi-metallic R5 coins issued by the South African Reserve Bank.

Grading notes in South Africa

It’s finally here!   We are all aware of the note grading companies overseas. The problem with overseas grading is the cost due to the rand/dollar rate, the time it takes to send out and receive and of course, the shipping costs. All in all it would be easier if we could do it here. […]

Jellyfish on South African stamps

jellyfish stamps on bidorbuy

Topical stamp collectors will want to have the South African jellyfish stamps in their albums.

Royal Albert porcelain

Royal Albert bone china

The name Royal Albert brings to mind delicate tea cups that Victorians might have used.

Rare and expensive

antique wine jug

Are you on a quest for the rare and the expensive? Turn to bidorbuy!

Spade, lion, turtle

map Mediterranean region

And the first coin ever minted was… read on to find out!