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How to ship collectible stamps

We must admit that the task of having to familiarise yourself with the right shipping process can be daunting when shipping stamps, especially  collectable ones, because they can be very valuable. Bearing in mind the value of your rare find, you are likely to be extra cautious in ensuring that your package arrives at the […]

The most valuable teas in the world

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In the East tea is treated with the same veneration and sophistication as Europe affords the ruby vintages of its vineyards. In the West a cup of tea is merely a soothing end to a long days work, or a wonderful way to spruce up a delicious breakfast; here its most extreme incarnation is found […]

Massive R1 Coins by Mail sale!

Coins By Mail  are having the sale of the decade with thousands of items marked down to a R1 starting bid! This exciting sale began earlier this week; and the best news is that Coins By Mail will be marking down a whole range of items for the next 2 months!   Coins By Mail currently […]