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Lick, stick & collect

bidorbuy is a great site to shop for collectables – you can find everything you need to start your stamp collection.

How to identify rare stamps

A stamp is a small, adhesive little piece of paper. Yet, for some, they are a passion and a source of wealth. The most expensive stamp in the world was sold for $9.5 million. So, if you are hoping to identify a rare stamp in your collection, read on. 1. Use stamp collecting books Stamp […]

Movie stars on stamps

If you are bitten by the thematic stamp collecting bug, sooner or later you will stumble on a stamp depicting a movie icon… and you will want to start collecting those. There is no denying it. Famous actors and actresses make an attractive subject for collectors of thematic stamps. Many countries have recognized this and […]

Definitive and commemorative stamps


Know your stamps: definitive vs. commemorative.

Jellyfish on South African stamps

jellyfish stamps on bidorbuy

Topical stamp collectors will want to have the South African jellyfish stamps in their albums.

Are your treasures covered?


Insurance is a continuous expense that collectors do not always budget for.

11 don’ts of stamp collecting

The top concern to any stamp collector is to keep those small, fragile pieces of paper in good condition. This is because the value of even very rare stamps suffers if they are damaged or blemished. Even more importantly, a stamp collector is a curator of an entire museum of miniature works of art and […]

World’s first smart stamp

This one is for bidorbuyers who collect stamps – and for bidorbuyers who own or want to own a smart phone. What in the world do stamps and smart phones have in common, you ask? Your question reveals that you have not heard yet about the world’s first digital stamp. We hasten to enlighten you. […]