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Militaria: 6 books on warfare

ancient Greek battle

A brief overview of six books that are widely considered as major works on military strategy and operations.

Militaria cufflinks


Collect them on their own or as a part of a larger collection, for example of military uniforms and accessories; cufflinks in general; or cufflinks and men’s jewellery.   There is something inherently gallant about cufflinks. And what to say about army cufflinks! In short: an officer, and a gentleman too!*   After this explanation, […]

Are your treasures covered?


Insurance is a continuous expense that collectors do not always budget for.

Rarest Boer War medals

Boer War medals, much sought after collectibles, have many a fascinating tale to tell!   When the Boer War erupted in 1899 between South Africa’s ex-colonial masters, the British and the Boers, the former, puffed with their military might, were so confident of routing the Boers within a year that they decided to honour their […]

Firearm collecting

Humans have been collecting things ever since time began – a particularly interesting stone, deer antlers or valuable furs. But the key essence of collecting is that you start off with one item, then soon the ‘one is not enough’ syndrome strikes you and you add a similar item. And so it goes until – […]

Massive R1 Coins by Mail sale!

Coins By Mail  are having the sale of the decade with thousands of items marked down to a R1 starting bid! This exciting sale began earlier this week; and the best news is that Coins By Mail will be marking down a whole range of items for the next 2 months!   Coins By Mail currently […]

The Gurkhas and the kukri

If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or he is a Gurkha. Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw   The Gurkhas (or Gorkhali, as the call themselves) are one of the native tribes of Nepal. In the 19th century Anglo-Nepalese war they evinced such great courage and tenacity that the […]

The Samurai and their swords

In Japan, the history of the sword is deeply entwined with the history of the samurai. The samurai were the warrior-elite nobility of pre-industrial Japan. Deeply versed in the arts of war, by the end of the Sengoku period (1600 AD) their attention to warfare had elevated weapon mastery to a form of art.   […]

Go medieval with bidorbuy

Turn your home into a castle with a quality, replica suit of armour.

People don’t kill people… swords kill people

Throughout history swords have been considered the true warriors weapon, and in many cultures they were associated with an almost mythical quality.