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Go medieval with bidorbuy

Turn your home into a castle with a quality, replica suit of armour.

People don’t kill people… swords kill people

Throughout history swords have been considered the true warriors weapon, and in many cultures they were associated with an almost mythical quality.

Kruger Rands

Kruger Rands are an excellent way to invest in gold.

The Mandela treasure

Every once in a while a truly unique, one-of-a-kind, item finds it’s way onto bidorbuy for sale. February 20 – 2013 – was one such day. That’s when an amazing listing opened on the site: the so-called Mandela treasure.

The king of brandies

Cognac is a fine, French brandy that has one of the greatest aging potentials of any drink.

Collecting Wilbur Smith novels

Collecting Wilbur Smith, a legend in his own life time Written by guest writer Doug Nicholson from Dougfindsbooks   A writer now for around 50 years, one can say the Wilbur A. Smith (as he first wrote), is now firmly established in the pantheon of great adventure/thriller writers. It was quite natural that most of […]

Trading in second-hand goods

You may be forgiven for thinking that the new Second-Hand Goods Act is already in force. After all, it has been in the making for years, and it has been signed into law on 1 April 2009. However, it’s not. The antiquated 1955 Act still governs this field. Of course, antiquated or not, it has […]

The collectable world

Strangely enough, at the time we conducted a keyword search for items with the attribute collectable or collectible, the bidorbuy search engine returned a page with only about 800 listings. What,, South Africa’s largest marketplace and the true treasure trove of collectibles, can only offer a measly eight hundred-odd items?! Things look a little […]

The whiz of the collectibles

Seller: geewhizz Name: Pamela Quinton The pleasure of dealing in rare treasures and the financial reward make the bidorbuy online trading platform a perfect selling venue for Pamela Quinton I have had a fascination for old, rare and beautiful objects since a very young age.  I was in my thirties and a stay-at-home mom with […]

Combing the beaches for treasures

Blue Berg Strand… Milnerton… Sea Point… Clifton… Muizenberg… Macassar… Somerset-Strand… Gordon’s Bay… To you, those famous beaches in and around Cape Town may evoke the long, lazy days of summer holidays. To the bidorbuyer Pierre_Henri (aka Pierre Nortje), those very same beaches are a mini gold mine. Literally. Over the years, he and his fellow […]