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Know your antiques: Louis who?

antique furniture

When browsing the bidorbuy antique furniture section, you are likely to come across one or more of the famous four Louis: XIII, XIV, XV or XVI. Who are all these Louis, and why is the antique furniture bearing their names still sought after, centuries after they lived? Well, all of them were at the throne […]

Reinvent your antique picture frames

fram with shells

Whether you are a fan of DIY or not, antique picture frames and photo frames are a brilliant and affordable way to decorate your home. There are not only a million different ways to arrange them, a million different things you can put into them and a million different ways to redecorate the frame itself! […]

Are your treasures covered?


Insurance is a continuous expense that collectors do not always budget for.

How to find good antique furniture

Shopping around for furniture is not an easy thing to do; fun maybe, but not easy. Now imagine how difficult it is to shop for antique furniture.   Remember, for something to qualify as an antique is has to be atleast a century old. Finding a good piece with a 100 years plus on it, […]

Is it fine to collect replicas?

Many of us love to collect things – art, books, coins or even firearms. However, it is often is difficult to find that genuine article to add to our collections, simply because the item in question is so rare that the only examples are kept under lock and key in museums or other collections. For […]

Rare books

  In a world full of printed books, magazines and eBooks, there are some publications that fill the imagination with their history, content – and rarity.   One such is the collection of observations made by Leonardo da Vinci, known as the Codex Leicester, named after the Earl of Leicester, who purchased it in 1719. […]

Antique or vintage?

The terms antique and vintage are often used out of their original context. Understanding the difference between the two is important whether you are selling or buying.   Formally, the term antique refers to an item that is at least a century old. Although furniture and jewellery pieces are not considered antiques until they are 100 […]

How to clean your porcelain doll collection

  Starting a porcelain doll collection is fun and easy. However, keeping the collection clean can sometimes be a problem. It is not complicated, but it is a process that will require patience and gentle handling, taking care not to erase the drawn-on features, break the doll or do anything to devalue the collectables.   Here are […]

Massive R1 Coins by Mail sale!

Coins By Mail  are having the sale of the decade with thousands of items marked down to a R1 starting bid! This exciting sale began earlier this week; and the best news is that Coins By Mail will be marking down a whole range of items for the next 2 months!   Coins By Mail currently […]

Clocks to collect and enjoy

Why would anyone want to collect clocks, you might wonder. So did I, until I got immersed into the clocks section of the bidorbuy Antiques and Collectables category. The experience was so delightful that I have to share it with you.   Simply said, a clock can be a thing of beauty. Just look at […]