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Antique teaware: China

Qingbai porcelain tea bowl

“A cup of tea is a cup of peace.” Soshitsu Sen XV Tea is for some a repast and for others a religion. It entered history as a medicinal brew during the Han dynasty of China (206 BC–220 AD), although folk tales mention tea being drunk during the long years of the ancient Shang dynasty […]

Picture postcards

picture postcards

Deltiology, the study and collecting of picture postcards, is thought to be third largest collecting hobby in the world.

Royal Albert porcelain

Royal Albert bone china

The name Royal Albert brings to mind delicate tea cups that Victorians might have used.

Royal Doulton porcelain

Royal Doulton Porcelain

The secret of porcelain was closely guarded by the Chinese for generations. The method of its manufacture was highly coveted by Europe and when the Europeans finally learned the arcana of porcelain in the 18th century, a thriving industry immediately came into being. Within a century, the prime producers of porcelain were household names in […]

Dreaming of Africana

africana artefacts

Some may miss the hunt and driving hundreds of kilometres to visit crafts markets and small stores. However, most of us will welcome the opportunity to find antique, vintage, traditional or derived South African and African artefacts on bidorbuy.   In the Antiques & Collectables – Africana section, you will find tribal arts and crafts […]

Bottle openers and corkscrews for collectors

Collecting bottle openers and corkscrews has a lot going for it. It is an engrossing hobby; the exhibits can fit into a shoebox; and it can be enjoyed on a shoe-string budget.   The truth is that most people start collecting openers because they are as a rule so cheap.   Of course, as you […]

Porcelain – China’s gift to the world

Qing porcelain vase

China is country of many firsts. It could even be said the much of mankind’s history is the history of China. The Chinese invented what many historians consider to be most ground breaking inventions in world history: Gunpowder, Paper, Printing and the Compass. The first revolutionized warfare, the second two allowed for the dissemination of ideas and culture […]

The most valuable teas in the world

tea, da hong pao, pand dung tea, chinese tea, tea leaves, darjeeling tea, tea culture, tea ceremony, Japanese tea

In the East tea is treated with the same veneration and sophistication as Europe affords the ruby vintages of its vineyards. In the West a cup of tea is merely a soothing end to a long days work, or a wonderful way to spruce up a delicious breakfast; here its most extreme incarnation is found […]

Know your antiques: Louis who?

antique furniture

When browsing the bidorbuy antique furniture section, you are likely to come across one or more of the famous four Louis: XIII, XIV, XV or XVI. Who are all these Louis, and why is the antique furniture bearing their names still sought after, centuries after they lived? Well, all of them were at the throne […]

Reinvent your antique picture frames

fram with shells

Whether you are a fan of DIY or not, antique picture frames and photo frames are a brilliant and affordable way to decorate your home. There are not only a million different ways to arrange them, a million different things you can put into them and a million different ways to redecorate the frame itself! […]