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Chandeliers, beautiful and opulent

The chandelier section on bidorbuy has a great selection to suit a variety of interior designs and give every room special character.

Definitive and commemorative stamps


Know your stamps: definitive vs. commemorative.

Picture postcards

picture postcards

Deltiology, the study and collecting of picture postcards, is thought to be third largest collecting hobby in the world.

The R5 Griqua Town coin

2015 Griqua Town coin

Griqua Town coin is the fourth in the series of commemorative circulation bi-metallic R5 coins issued by the South African Reserve Bank.

Jellyfish on South African stamps

jellyfish stamps on bidorbuy

Topical stamp collectors will want to have the South African jellyfish stamps in their albums.

Royal Albert porcelain

Royal Albert bone china

The name Royal Albert brings to mind delicate tea cups that Victorians might have used.

Rare and expensive

antique wine jug

Are you on a quest for the rare and the expensive? Turn to bidorbuy!

Spade, lion, turtle

map Mediterranean region

And the first coin ever minted was… read on to find out!

Militaria cufflinks


Collect them on their own or as a part of a larger collection, for example of military uniforms and accessories; cufflinks in general; or cufflinks and men’s jewellery.   There is something inherently gallant about cufflinks. And what to say about army cufflinks! In short: an officer, and a gentleman too!*   After this explanation, […]

Dreaming of Africana

africana artefacts

Some may miss the hunt and driving hundreds of kilometres to visit crafts markets and small stores. However, most of us will welcome the opportunity to find antique, vintage, traditional or derived South African and African artefacts on bidorbuy.   In the Antiques & Collectables – Africana section, you will find tribal arts and crafts […]